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Research at IRCA

PERCY - Persuasiveness and Creativity

Charisma and creativity have many things in common: both are easy to perceive but hard to define and to understand. People speak of charisma and creativity in terms of the secret behind success and leadership, a talent that recruits followers to ideas – and to people presenting them. Hence, both constructs have been the focus of a considerable amount of research in recent years that shifted our idea of the phenomenon from a gift or talent to a measurable, i.e. gradual and trainable concept.
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CARIN - Communicative Approaches to Reducing Industry Noise

When one starts thinking a little more about noise, it is actually surprising how this topic accompanies us and even shapes our behaviour in everyday life, and how little we still know about the types of noise that are out there, how we can avoid them, and how they affect our actions, performances, and health. Admittedly, some types of noise are more prominent than others, and maybe for this reason, they are also better understood than others. For example, this applies to speech babble, music, and traffic/street noise. However, what about those types of noise that are often considered inevitable and occur behind the closed doors of factory halls or laboratories?
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Find information to PhD students related to above projects here:
Evelin Graupe
Rabea Landgraf