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IRCA - Innovation Research Cluster Alsion

What is IRCA?

IRCA is a new innovation cluster, which fosters interdisciplinary research, projects, and initiatives. One of the key purposes of IRCA is, together with the most important stakeholders in the Danish-German region, to position campus Sønderborg. The interfaculty initiative is framed as a collaboration between the three institutes that represent the faculties in Sønderborg: Mads Clausen Institute (Faculty of Engineering), Department of Design and Communication (Faculty of Humanities), and the Department of Border Region Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences).

How can IRCA make a difference?

One of the most important objectives of IRCA is to promote the campus both on national and international level. Under the umbrella of IRCA broad competences are bundled, which promote different research areas and enable close contacts to leading researchers, clusters, and networks all over the world. Special efforts will be laid on fostering cross-border projects, collaboration, and initiatives with regional actors in Southern Jutland and Northern Germany. The main objectives of IRCA are:

  • to foster cross-border innovation projects and initiatives
  • to position the three institutes and the Campus Sønderborg
  • to develop cooperation with innovators in the Danish-German region.

View the IRCA leaflet.

IRCA newsletter No.3 2016           


University of Southern Denmark

  • Alsion 2
  • Sønderborg - 6400
  • Phone: +45 6550 1000

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