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Access to Equipment

1. Autonomous analysis (do-it-yourself analysis) 

All users must have received prior training by the technical staff. Following completion of the training, users will gain access to the specific equipment that they have received training on.

2. Assisted analysis 

We are always happy to help you with the setup, acquisition and analysis of data. This may particularly be relevant for pilot experiments and less experienced users.

3. Outsourced analysis

This is the option where we perform the acquisition of data on the machinery, and you perform the experiment and the preparation of cells/specimens and the data analysis yourself.

4. Scientific collaboration

For information requests about scientific collaboration contact either:

User fees:
There is a user fee. The user fee covers service contracts and equipment repairs.

The Institute of Molecular Medicine covers the salary associated with Core Facility.

For the user fee that varies accordingly to the service, see details under Booking and fees

Publication policy:
To maintain and acquire funding for the Core Facility, the Core Facility should be acknowledged in any publications arising from data collected on our equipment using e.g. the following text:

“The Flow Cytometry/Confocal Microscopy experiments reported in this paper were performed at our Facility, the Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy Core Facility, at the University of Southern Denmark.”

Last Updated 15.12.2020