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Public-Private Innovation






My research is dedicated to the exploration of inter-organizational activities taking place across the private and public sectors. Inter-organizational research in the form of Public-Private innovation collaboration is an emerging research field, which is dominated by a public organization perspective (Bryson et al., 2015). Public-Private Innovation still needs further development by also incorporating a business perspective (Evald, 2014), which is where my contributions are made.

Focusing on the value and outcome that private firms can gain by participating in Public-Private Innovation collaborations with public organizations will strengthen our knowledge of how solutions for the public sector can create value, and will further qualify our knowledge of how these solutions are being implemented and commercialized by private players after a joint development process has ended between public and private players.

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Majbritt Rostgaard Evald at SDU's Research Portal, Pure

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Last Updated 06.03.2024