Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management

The Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management (IER) is a business economics department under the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. The department resides on campus in Kolding, Sønderborg and Slagelse and has approx. 85 employees.


IER is characterised by a clear link and synergy between research, education programmes, dissemination and societal relevance, as well as a close collaboration culture between subject areas and interaction with external partners from companies and public organisations, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.



IER has been organised into 2 strong and focused research groups:

IER’s research is characterised by collaboration and interdisciplinary research groups. IER carries particular weight within the spearhead areas:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Relationship Management
  • Design
  • Innovation
IER Development

IER Development

IER's development unit works with development and facilitation within entrepreneurship, innovation and relationship management in close interaction with local, regional and national partners. Anchored in the department's research, knowledge is transformed into practice and solutions are created.



IER has research-based education programmes which closely interact with practice. IER offers education programmes that are attractive and relevant to society and actively works with the development of new learning methods based on strong research and involving companies and the surrounding community.


Further and continuing education

IER is significantly engaged in further and continuing education programmes, such as the MBA, Master, HD and Certificate programmes and programmes that are tailored to the individual organisation and network of organisations. Read more about this offer here.

Social Commitment

Social Commitment

One of the important objectives of IER is to help create the society of the future. This is done in close collaboration with the community's actors, through research, knowledge exchange and education programmes relevant to society.


Many research projects and dissemination are based on close collaboration and co-creation with companies, municipalities, regions and other public institutions, in order to support strong social anchoring.


A large part of IER's research projects are externally funded, which provides a natural interaction with practice and society, in addition to the projects often taking place in collaboration with international researchers, universities and institutions. See more about the research projects.

Characteristics of the Institute

Characteristics of the Institute

As a workplace, IER continues to have an open and spacious environment with a high degree of collaboration within and across the vocational groups. IER has a culture that is supportive, acknowledging and learning, and where we share with each other.


Historically, it is development-oriented, with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong collaborative culture, where there is tradition for working in teams.

Research Projects

See all our ongoing research projects in the field of entrepreneurship and relationship management.


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