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Public Private Innovation and Industrial Marketing






My research concerns innovation and how firms can commercialize new solutions and develop their business. Particularly, I research innovation and co-creation between the public and private sectors through public-private innovation (PPI). The focus is on how public and private actors can collaborate across sectors and incorporate heterogeneous stakeholders to create new solutions with value for the public sector that can be implemented and successfully commercialized and scaled by companies.

I have twelve years of experience in research in PPI and have extensive expertise in fundraising and project management. Besides publishing academic publications on PPI, I disseminate knowledge to the media and develop tools to support PPI innovation projects. Similarly, I develop education programs for the public sector and business actors in Denmark and Norway.

I often interact with different partners in my research, such as municipalities, clusters, regions, and companies. I interact with public, private actors through, for example, facilitators of PPI workshops to create knowledge and progress in PPI projects. I hold a strong international network of researchers, and particularly I have a close collaboration with the Nordic countries on PPI research.

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Last Updated 06.03.2024