SDU I4.0 Lab

SDU I4.0 Lab

The purpose of SDU's new I4.0 Lab is to create the Nordic countries' most advanced I4.0 infrastructure within research, innovation and education and with a planned investment of DKK 140 million within the next four years, SDU's new I4.0 Lab will consist of:

  • Flexible robotics and automation solutions
  • A digital design lab with virtual reality and augmented reality equipment
  • A research center in soft robotics technologies

The laboratory, which is still under development, has become a reality so that future hyper flexible production facilities can be developed and analyzed in an interdisciplinary collaboration between students, researchers, and the industry and where there will be a close linkage to relevant existing facilities. The activities created in the laboratory and corresponding activities are in close and integrated collaboration with industrial partners - this applies to technology suppliers as well as manufacturing companies.

The facilities will support the interdisciplinary collaboration that is aimed at unfolding big opportunities for the industry, which will be essential for Denmark's competitiveness and may contribute to better working conditions in Danish production. Furthermore, we strive to strengthen the local basis for a global export of I4.0 equipment with potential for exponential growth.



Kasper Hallenborg

Tel: +45 2135 6256


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