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Physical Education and Innovation in Education

The area ”Physical Education and Innovation in Education” focuses on research-based development of physical education at universities, university colleges and schools. The purpose is to consider what physical education can contribute with in today’s society and in the future.

Our vision in Psychology of Sport, Excellence and Health (PSYCH) is to be a main player within the area of physical education. PSYCH will contribute to innovation and the development of sports pedagogy in Denmark. This is done by developing new courses and profession perspectives for education in sports and through the research and development of tools to secure a continuous innovation within physical education.

The objectives of the research area "Physical Education and Innovation in Education" are:

  • To contribute to the knowledge development of students in order to acquire the skills to handle the complexity of sport they meet in a busy and hectic life.
  • To contribute to developing physical education teaching practices that favour all target groups.

The development of new pedagogical practices in physical education is tested in collaboration with students attending the Sports and Health Programme. Consequently, the students contribute to the development of new knowledge about physical education in practice.


Last Updated 04.12.2023