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Research areas

The Research Unit Learning & Talent in Sport (LET’S) builds on one of the Institute’s original foundations – the pedagogy of human movement.
The vision of the research unit LET’S is to be recognised across Denmark and internationally as ‘the place to go’ for the latest innovative thinking and research, in talent development, pedagogy, and entrepreneurship of human movement.

In cooperation with organisations, public institutions and businesses, LET’S works with innovation and development of products, services and concepts.

LET’S’ roles are:

  • To research the innovative and applied use of the pedagogy of human movement and sports psychology in order to enhance participation, performance, learning and talent development.
  • To introduce students to the latest theories and practices of teaching human movement.
  • To stimulate entrepreneurial thinking in the field of pedagogy of human movement and equip practitioners with the skills to pursue innovative ideas.

Read more about LET's publications here

Download roll-up for the research unit "Learning & Talent in Sport" here

Download the research strategy 2017-2020 for "Learning & Talent in Sport" here.   

Director of the research unit is Kristoffer Henriksen. 



Physical Education and Innovation in Education

Sports Psychology and Talent Development

Entrepreneurship in Movement and Interaction Design

Methods & Techniques

Last Updated 07.07.2023