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Entrepreneurship in Movement and Interaction Design

The University of Southern Denmark and Denmark in general do have a growing focus on entrepreneurship. Through the research in entrepreneurship and innovation in which sports and movement practitioners are involved, the unit encourages to establish an innovative mindset. The research is based on the knowledge that an increasing part of the Danish population is to a higher degree sedentary. The inactive lifestyle has an impact on the health of children and adults, their ability to learn and their ability to engage in social contexts.

This element of research in LET’S has special focus on the development and use of participatory design methods and design research in the development of concepts that promote movement. A major theme in this research is the development of digital products and services with a focus on learning and movement. The goal of this research is to obtain an understanding of the human being who is physically active and learn through computer interaction.

The research unit aim at concept development in close cooperation with partners in public institutions, civil society and the private business sector. Doing this the aim is:

  • To use the knowledge of research and theory in the field of physical activity, learning and movement culture
  • To develop movement concepts that are useful and that can be implemented in an everyday practice in many fields that have been digitised and made technological
  • To use technology in motivating children and adults to be more physical active

The expectation is that innovation in the area of movement will add value to or be the foundation for new businesses / organisations focusing on solving specific health and movement related issues.

Download roll-up for "Entrepreneurship in Movement and Interaction Design" here


Last Updated 03.08.2023