What is Pure?

Pure is the CRIS system that the University of Southern Denmark uses for research registration.

By registering your research publications and activities, your research becomes visible not only in Pure backend but also at SDU's website and is added to your profile under Find researcher.

You are responsible for registering your research

As an employee at University of Southern Denmark it is your responsibility to register your publications and other research activities in Pure. The Head of your department approves your registrations in Pure. Hereafter the University Library of Southern Denmark Validates your registrations.

Why register your research?

All information registered in Pure are made visible in various contexts.

  • Your research will be visible on the research portal on
  • Your research will be searchable on Google
  • Your research will be visible on the Danish National Research Database
  • The University of Southern Denmark receives funding from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science based on the research publications and their BFI points.

Make your research visible with Open Access

By uploading your publications in a full-text version you contribute to Open Access, which allows more people to access your research.

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