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ORCID is a persistent ID which makes the identification of your scholary publications much easier. As a DOI provides a Unique ID for articles, ORCID will give you one as an author. ORCID is your personal ID.

ORCID solves the problem of name ambiguity. Many authors publish under several variations of their names, e.g. with or without their middle names or initials. There are also many authors out there with the same name, which makes it hard to create a complete and unambiguous overview of a single author’s publications.

You can also use your ORCID to link to any other online profiles you have created, such as LinkedIn or homepages for research projects. ORCID will help you make your research more visible.

Register with ORCID now. It only takes five minutes via Pure, and you won’t have to update your publication list on your ORCID profile: PURE will take care of that for you automatically.

Last Updated 08.09.2021