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The five research projects

What kind of research do you think your local hospital should carry out?

The Regional Council in The Region of Southern Denmark has established a fund of two million Danish Kroner, that are to be divided between those research projects that get the most votes in the project 'A Healthier Southern Denmark'. Citizens are to determine/choose which of the five research projects in the regional hospitals that should be granted money. In September there will be more information on how to vote for the project you find most important to prioritize and implement. The competition will be decided in October and conducted in collaboration between The Region of Southern Denmark, University of Southern Denmark, Tv2/Fyn, TV SYD and the five hospitals in the Region:  


  • Sydvestjysk Sygehus
  • Sygehus Lillebælt
  • Sygehus Sønderjylland (Hospital Sønderjylland)
  • OUH, Odense University Hospital 
  • Mental Health Services in The Region of Southern Denmark.

'From a Healthier Funen' to 'A Healthier Southern Denmark'

'A Healthier Southern Denmark' is a Citizen Science project that came into existence in 2017. At the time the project was called ' Healthier Funen'. In 2017 and 2018 'A Healthier Funen' was carried out in collaboration between OUH, Odense University Hospital, The Region of Southern Denmark, University of Southern Denmark and TV 2/Fyn. After two successful years, the Regional Council in 2019 decided that it was time to expand the competition to the entire Region, hence Syd – and Sønderjylland. 

It is not only the name that has changed but also the prize which is enlarged from 1 million to 2 million Danish Kroner. The money is partly from the Region’s research fund (1 million Danish Kroner), partly from the three winning hospitals that jointly match the amount from the Region’s research fund. 

How the money will be divided: 

Two million in total will be distributed between the three projects that get most votes:

 1. prize: 1 million Danish Kroner

 2. prize: 600,000 Danish Kroner

 3. prize: 400,000 Danish Kroner


Citizens' ideas on important research topics
In Fall 2019 TV 2/Fyn and TV SYD received several suggestions from citizens about what they see as important research topics. The Southern Danes’ suggestions on what the Region of Southern Denmark should devote 2 million kroner to has inspired hospitals and researchers in the region. (Read more about the selected research projects at the top of the page).

One of the ideas behind 'A Healthier Southern Denmark' is also to widen the citizens’ knowledge about the research that is conducted in the region’s hospitals. Thus, research is not only carried out at Odense University Hospital and in the psychiatry but also at both Sydvestjysk Sygehus, Sygehus Sønderjylland and Sygehus Lillebælt.

The Region of Southern Denmark has chosen five projects (see the boxes at the top of the page). The actual campaign can be followed on Tv2/Fyn and Tv Syd from the end of September until the final show. 


Read more about 'A Healthier Southern Denmark 2020':

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