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Skill profile

General engineer skills

An education in engineering from SDU makes you strong in your field because you are taught by talented and engaging professors and you have good, curious and interested colleagues. You will also enter into a research and development environment with a high international standard. Consequently we ensure that you gain the most up-to-date knowledge and will be at the cutting edge if you choose to study or work abroad.

You acquire the ability to

  • think and work in a problem-based, project-oriented and interdisciplinary way
  • work independently as well as in teams
  • manage and be in charge of a project
  • to employ your strong analytical and problem-solving skills solve tasks in an international and social context
  • exploit your knowledge about the needs of the business world and experience in working with high-tec companies.

You are

  • used to working with companies and have a solid understanding of commerce

Special skills

With an MSc in Operations Management:

  • you have fundamental knowledge of recognised production philosophies and can apply them in practice
  • you can produce optimal production systems for any given situation
  • you can organise innovation processes between a company's different functions and operators with focus on development and improvement of the company's products and production processes
  • you can analyse and plan the company's production processes to be as sustainable as possible

Specific to those with a profile in Manufacturing Technology:

  • you have a deep knowledge of possible technical automation devices at an application level
  • you can organise implementation and operation of automation processes
  • you can organise the relocation of production facilities and necessary knowledge to another geographical location

Specific to those with a profile in Global Supply Chain Development:

  • you can carry out and lead complex supply chain development projects at a strategic, tactical and operational level
  • you can use your knowledge of the market and product to design targeted supply chain solutions which utilise global conditions
  • you can combine new technologies with competent employees to achieve highly productive and flexible production companies

Last Updated 15.03.2019