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What does the programme lead to?

With an MSc in Engineering - Operations Management you will be educated in production systems which can make Danish industry stronger and more competitive.
Your career opportunities will depend on which educational profile you choose.

Profile: Manufacturing Technology

If you choose the Manufacturing Technology profile you will typically be employed in business's production engineering departments and work with:

  • automation of production
  • building up complete or partially automated production systems
  • international logistic leadership across borders
  • building up and leadership of global production networks

Profile: Global Supply Chain Development

If you choose to specialise in Global Supply Chain Development you will typically find employment within supplies/sourcing, distribution - the complete value chain. You will be able to work with for example:

  • product planning
  • product development
  • business development
  • development of global supply chains

With a MSc in Engineering - Operations Management you will also be able to start your own business.

Learning outcomes

What makes a graduate with an engineering degree in Operations Management especially attractive to the labour market? Below is an overview of the competencies you will have once graduated: general engineering competencies as well as the special competencies you will acquire in Operations Management.