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Finishing your Diploma this summer?

You can apply for admission before 15 March, noon, even if you first finish your upper secondary high school during summer.

Remember to add a transcript of records to your application

If you apply for admission before you have received your final Diploma, we need other documentation to check if you can fulfil the entry requirements once you have finished your upper secondary high school.

Instead of a Diploma, you must add a transcript of records to your application on, stating the courses (including grades) you have taken up to now and as well stating the courses you are finishing during summer. 

The documentation must be added to your application on before 15 March, noon.

The final Diploma must be added to your application before 5 July, noon. If you already know that you cannot make it in time, please state in your application when we can expect the document. 

Taking a make-up examination and finish your Diploma later?

In case you need to take a make-up examination to finish your Diploma, please add documentation from your school - stating this fact, to your application on no later than 5 July, noon. If SDU can offer you a programme seat, your acceptance will then be conditional on you passing your courses/Diploma.

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Last Updated 04.05.2021