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Language requirements

All international applicants  must document their language knowledge for either English and/or Danish when applying to University of Southern Denmark.

To Bachelor's programmes taught in English, you must document English language qualifications equivalent to the level of English taught at Danish high school ('gymnasium') and/or Danish language knowledge on high level for Danish taught Bachelor's programmes.

English language requirements

How to prove your English language knowledge

  • A Danish high school diploma with English B (minimum grade 3,0 on the Danish 7 point grading scale, for English taught programmes)
  • A high school diploma from an EU/EEA country may be  enough to document your English skills . You need to document the number of English lessons per week (60 min. lessons), number of weeks per school year and the number of years you have attended high school. You must add SDU's document Statement of Hours, filled in, stamped and signed by the high school. For English taught programmes, the English language course must be passed with the minimum grade 3,0 on the Danish grading scale (2 is passed, 12 is max).
  • An English language test

Which test does SDU accept

  •  TOEFL iBt test with a minimum score of 88 - Ask the test center to send the score report directly to SDU,  to select University of Southern Denmark, use the code 7969 (please choose "other - department not listed"). If you have taken the test already, you can still make a request for the test center to forward the report. Please attach a message to your application once you have made such a request.
  • IELTS academic test with a minimum overall band score of 6.5
  • C2 Proficiency (CPE with a minimum result of C), or the C1 Advanced (CAE). Both only accepted from a Cambridge Network or the University of Michigan) - Please send your ID number (e.g. EPA123456) and your secret number (4 digits) to us.  You will find these on the 'Confirmation of Entry' forwarded by the test center.

  Notice that TOEFL and IELTS tests older than 2 years by the time of applying, will not be accepted. The C2/C1 (CPE/CAE) is valid for good.

If the programme you are applying for requires English at a high level (Danish: English A), your test score must be on a high level as well, i.e. either TOEFL iBt with a minimum score of 100 or the IELTS with a minimum score of 7.0


Due to the new admission order with effect from 2020, it is not possible to make an exemption from documenting the English skills if the qualifying degree was taken  in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom or Ireland. You must have taken a specific course working with the English language and finally, the course must be passed with the minimum grade of 3,0 (Danish grading scale).


Danish Language requirements

Applicants with a foreign high school diploma, must document their Danish language knowledge when applying to a Danish taught Bachelor's programme, even if they do have the Danish citizenship and talk Danish fluenty.

How to prove your Danish language knowledge

  • A General Certificate of Secondary High School from Denmark (Folkeskolens afgangsprøve) in combination with the diploma of a foreign high school
  • A passed single course Dansk A
  • The Higher Education Examination - Studieprøven (All 4 parts must be passed with at least grade 02 (Danish 7-scale, unless you are applying for Clinical Biomechanics or Medicine, where the minimum grade for all parts is grade 7. From 2018 on, the examination contains 3 parts only, but the grade requirement stays the same)
  • A proficiency in Norwegian/Swedish/Icelandic equivalent to a Danish A level

It is not possible to cover the Danish language requirement with a high level course in Finnish.

This requirement applies to all Danish taught Bachelor's / Professional Bachelor's programmes even if it is not mentioned on the specific page of the programme under the section 'entry requirements'.

Documentation should be added to your application on before 5 July, noon.

New English requirements in 2020

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has changed the English language requirements for Bachelor's programmes. When applying to SDU, this means:

  • A professional bachelor's degree taught in English is no longer enough to fulfill the requirements
  • Applicants from English speaking countries are no longer exempted from proving their proficiency
  • High school English must be passed with a minimum grade of 3.0
  • An individual assessment ("individuel kompetencevurdering") from VUC is no longer sufficient proof, as you don't receive a grade