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Requirements for language proficiency

When applying for admission with a foreign exam, you must document that you have the necessary language skills. The language requirements apply regardless of whether Danish/English is listed as part of the programme’s admission requirements.

All documentation for language skills must be uploaded to your application via no later than July 5th at 12:00.

You must always document your English proficiency

Regardless of whether you are applying for a Danish or English-taught programme, you must document your English proficiency. As a general rule, you must document a level equivalent to English B (Danish high school level), unless the programme has a specific requirement for English A.

You can document your English language proficiency in the following ways:

You must document Danish proficiency if the programme is in Danish

If you are applying for admission to a Danish-taught programme, you must document your Danish proficiency, even if you are a Danish citizen. You can document Danish proficiency in the following ways::

Pre-assessment option

Between 1 October–15 November, we can pre-assess your documentation, including whether your exam is sufficient proof of language proficiency.

Read more about the opportunity here

Last Updated 04.04.2024