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SDU's central gender equality committee

The committee was established by SDU's Executive Board and convened for the first time in March, 2011. The committee's purpose is to maintain a focus on and systematize the gender equality efforts at SDU. The committee's work thus supports SDU's gender equality efforts across faculties and units, and the work is rooted in SDU's ambition to attract and retain the best talents and to have a composition of academic staff that reflects the students and broader society.


SDU's Gender Equality Team acts as the committee's task force.


The central gender equality committee meets 4-6 times annually, and is responsible for, among other tings, developing the annual report to the Executive Committee accounting for the gender equality efforts at SDU. This report is compiled with inputs from the six local gender equality committees at the faculties and the Central Administration.


Check out the committee's  terms of reference for more information.


The committee's members

As of April 2022, the committee consists of:

Chair and representative of the Executive Board: Dean Ole Skøtt, Health Sciences

Humanities: Head of Department Sharon Millar, Department of Language and Communication
Science: Head of Department Martin Svensson, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Business and Social Sciences: Associate Professor Maria Elo, Department of Business & Management
Health Sciences: Head of Department Rikke Leth-Larsen, Department of Regional Health Research
Engineering: Associate Professor and Head of Section Eva Arnspang Christensen,  Department of Green Technology
Central Administration: Head of Division Anders Nyegaard Mikkelsen, SDU Library
Central Liaison Committee representative: Birgitte Lilholt Sørensen

Student representative: Kristine Bonnerup Vind
Gender Equality Team representative: Liv Baisner Petersen
The committee's secretary is Vibeke Vindahl Hermann SDU HR , Phone  65509124 or

Last Updated 24.06.2022