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SDU Jobteaser - a place to look for jobs and projects

As a student you can get in touch with companies relating to jobs, thesis projects, final projects, internship, graduate programs and so on. 

Creating a profile at SDU Jobteaser - an agent - will make it possible for you to establish this contact through specific notifications when a job vacancy matches your profile - or you can just look through all the applications in SDU Jobbank. 

SDU Jobteaser contains several tools which are all there to help you as a student or newly graduated. For instance template for CV, events, LIVE chats with companies and so on. 

Create your own profile at and start exploring your opportunities today!


Create your own profile 

When a company creates a job vacancy in SDU Jobteaser, we've recommended them to use specific categories to ensure the right students with the specific competences will find them. 

As a student, it is important to use these categories when you create your own profile as you'll then receive notifications when there is a job vacancy where your competences are required. 

Here, you'll see the link between your education and the categories. 


SDU Jobteaser is a site for job and project applications targeting students and newly graduated from SDU. SDU Jobteaser is a collaboration between University of Southern Denmark and Graduateland ApS. SDU Jobteaser is a part of Graduateland-network - a network that consists of others sites targeting students and newly graduated crosswise universities and organisations.