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Welcome to TEK Innovation - your experts in Collaboration

For the Faculty of Engineering, it is important to collaborate closely with the surrounding communities. The collaboration is based on constructive dialogue and a constant search for new opportunities to strengthen and develop growth, prosperity and welfare. On regional, national and international level. 

The collaboration can start today. Private and public companies that wish to establish collaboration can contact TEK Innovation. We can support you in the following areas: 

  • Establish contact and create collaboration with our researchers and students
  • Discussing possible collaboration possibilities with researchers and students
  • Having the chance to meet students and researchers at our events that focusses on collaboration

Inside the faculty, TEK Innovation supports the researchers by providing to support to project applications to research and development, offering administrative project management in wider research projects, support the planning of events and conferences as well as inspire and establish the support for technological companies made by students and employees. 


    Susanne Kjelstrup
    Afdelingsleder, TEK Innovation
    +45 65 50 7141


Last Updated 22.02.2024