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PhD students at SMRC

Kasper Degn Gejl
Title: Effects of glycogen and oxidation on muscle function and training adaptation in elite endurance athletes.
Project 1: The purpose is to access the acute oxidative effects of repeated high-intensity exercise on human single muscle fibre contractile function.
Project 2: We aim to develop an ideal model for periodization of carbohydrate supplementation in elite athletes which profit by beneficial training adaptations of training with both low and high muscle glycogen concentrations.
Supervisor: Niels Ørtenblad

Line Jensen
Title: Cellular adaptations and signalling mechanisms in response to exercise in health and disease.
Aim: The purpose of the phD project is by means of gene and proteins analyses to investigate cellular signalling mechanisms activated in the muscle in response to exercise in healthy individuals and patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Supervisors: Henrik Daa Schrøder, Ulrik Frandsen, Louise Helskov Jørgensen

Anders Nørkær Jørgensen
Title: Low-intensity blood-flow restricted muscle exercise in patients with sporadic inclusion body myositis: a randomised controlled trial.
Aim: The purpose of the study is to investigate the effects of low intensity strength training with partial blood flow restriction on patient reported physical function and quality of life, functional capacity and mechanical muscle function in patients with sporadic inclusion body myositis.
Supervisors: Ulrik Frandsen, Per Aagaard, Louise Diderichsen (Reumathology, Odense University Hospital)

Rikke Munk
Title: Interaction of behavior, physical training and performance in Sports horses - with special emphasis on cortisol and testosterone.
Aim: The overall aim of the PhD project is to gain more knowledge about the interaction of behavior, physical training and performance of sports horses. The project is an Industrial PhD founded by Hoejgaard Equine Hospital and Stutteri Ask / Blue Hors Dressage, and FI (Forskning og Innovationsstyrelsen).
Supervisors: Lene Munksgaard (Århus University), Per Aagaard.

Jakob Lindberg Nielsen
Title: Activation of myogenic stem cells in human skeletal muscle induced by hypoxic training: Implications for patient rehabilitation.
The overall PhD project is divided into two sub projects The first project aim at investigating the mechanistic effect of nitric oxide on myogenic satellite cell activation and skeletal muscle anabolism, while the second project investigate the effect of low load strength training with partial blood flow restriction on mechanical muscle function and muscle mass in patients who have undergone reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament.
Supervisors: Per Aagaard and Ulrik Frandsen.

Master Students:

Pia Lørup Jepsen (Stud.scient biomedicine)
Title: In vivo studies of the pathological mechanism in the muscle dystrophic condition LGMD2B (dysferlin deficiency) using the dysferlin knock out mouse model 129-Dysftm1Kcam/J
Aim: The project aim to investigate the pathogenesis of the dysferlin deficient muscle dystrophic condition LGMD2B. Downhill running of dysferlin deficient mice and controls induce moderate muscle damage which results in exocytosis of vesicles and their content under normal condition, but not when dysferlin is absent. This gives the opportunity to study the differences in systemic (blood) and local (muscle) response after damage.
Supervisors: Louise Helskov Jørgensen and Line Jensen, Jakob Møller-Jensen (BMB)

Marianne Skalborg Jepsen (
Title: Muscle stem cells in treatment of vesicovaginale fistulas in a pig-model.
Aim: The project aims to investigate the effect of autologous hydrogel encapsulated muscle stem cells on the closure of a vesicovaginal fistula. Before injecting the cells are characterized by staining and attempted marked for later identification.
Supervisors: Lars Lund (Urology), Jeeva Sellathurai, Henrik Daa Schrøder

Bachelor students:

Anne Kirstine Mariboe Rasmussen (stud.scient. biomedicine)
Analysis of vesicles isolated from muscle stem cells regarding the understanding of pathological mechanisms in LGMD2B.
Aim: The content of vesicles secreted from cultured myotubes will be investigated in order to understand the mechanisms behind the impaired vesicle secretion in LGMD2B. This is carried out in immortalized primary muscle stem cells from a dysferlin KO and WT mouse cells.
Supervisors: Louise Helskov Jørgensen, Line Jensen

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