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SDU muscle research cluster (SMRC)

SDU Muschle Research Center, SMRC, is formed by joining the research groups at KI and IoB which focus on the cell biology and molecular biology of skeletal muscle.

The topics, we are dealing with, are degeneration and regeneration of muscle, atrophy and training, and energy storage and mobilization. Much of this research is united around the biology of the myogenic stem cell, the satellite cell. Likewise are cellular and molecular effects of training and intervention against muscle degeneration and atrophy are common focus areas.

Our aims are by joining our resources to deliver scientific results which can support health and ameliorate disease, the research field ranging from basic muscle biology to clinical trails. By initiating and supporting muscle collaborations at SDU/OUH we more over want to develop an active and attractive local muscle cluster which can participate in national and international networks.

Last Updated 22.02.2024