SDU Software Engineering

SDU Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Section works in the field of software and system development.

The section aims at developing and disseminating effective and efficient methods to support high quality and rapid software development of complex and safety-critical systems. The means to achieve this, is through basic, applied, and evidence-based research that contributes scientifically to the field of Software Engineering and to the surrounding society.


Core Competencies

Specifically, the Software Engineering Section investigates and teaches modern processes, methods, and tools that provide the basis for developing high quality, high value, people-oriented software for a variety of academic and industrial purposes. This includes the modelling of complex systems, agile software development, software quality, and process improvement for established organizations and implementing or developing software systems for start-ups.


Head of Section

Torben Worm

Phone: +45 65509571
Mobile: +45 93507372

About Torben Worm

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