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Research Areas at SDU Software Engineering

The Software Engineering section is a global partner for excellent research, technology development and application together with academic and industrial partners. With our research we advance knowledge in key technology areas which reinforce each other. The overall aim of our research is to help companies and society in the transformation towards digitalisation.


Our research activities lies within the following focus areas:


  • Foster innovative digital solutions in the society: There is a need for universities to engage in innovation processes with digital knowledge and competences to enable successful technology-based businesses and societal technology adoption.
  • Support human trust in digital technology:The rapid digitalization of the society depends on that human keep trusting digital solutions. This trust is violated if solutions are not designed to protect the rights and safety of humans.
  • Improve quality and efficiency of software development: It is critical for a digital society that it can develop digital solutions with predictability and in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Adding software-based intelligence to physical products and processes: Advancements in functionality and miniaturization of hardware and software-based intelligence enable new means of optimizing physical products and processes.
  • Turning data into actionable insights: Advancements in digital technology has enabled an unprecedented ability to collect, store and process data. Therefore, there is a need for means to turn such data into actionable insights for complex problems, e.g., to strengthen decision-making processes.
  • Educate more specialists within software: The society at large needs more specialist capacity within software on all levels (Diploma, Master, PhD) to develop and remain in control of our digital future.

To achieve our aims we address the following approaches. We address real-world challenges by engaging in both academic and industrial collaborations at national and international level. 

Research areas


Please contact us if you are interested in building a partnership or conducting research.


Last Updated 01.12.2023