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The Software Engineering Section collaborates broadly with national and international partners in both the industry and with other universities. Collaborations are mainly through research projects but also through a range of networks, such as:


  • Software Startups Global Research Network
  • The Microservices Community
  • IFIP Working Group 13.2. - Methodology for User-Centred System Design
  • IFIP Working Group 13.5 - Resilience, Reliability, Safety and Human Error in System Development
  • Agile Research Network
  • Agile & UCD Project

The Software Engineering Section is continuously interested in finding new collaboration partners. If you are interested in discussing opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Head of Section

Torben Worm

Phone: +45 65509571
Mobile: +45 93507372

About Torben Worm

Last Updated 29.05.2018