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Rambøll donation facilitates expansion of FabLab

Rambøll donation enables engineering students to independently apply modern workshop technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting, along with a wide variety of classic manufacturing methods.

Engineer Andrei Alexandru Popa and Head of SDU Mechatronics Jerome Jouffroy have received 295.000DKK from Rambøll Consulting for expanding the FabLab of SDU Mechatronics. The grant will be used on purchasing state of the art manufacturing equipment; such as high precision SLA 3D printing, 3D scanning and laser cutting equipment for a completely redesigned environment offering a broader selection of manufacturing tools.

The new laboratory will be used in most teaching activities;  in particular  in semester projects and the course Mechanical Design in semester 1  where students learn how to apply CAD software in relation to reverse engineering. In general, this provides students with much better possibilities to try out different designs, think about which manufacturing methods to choose, and get a realistic grasp of practical possibilities and limitations of rapid prototyping.

Editing was completed: 06.02.2018