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Come to hear a talk by former NASA engineer, Gabe Gabrielle!

Are you dreaming about a tour to Mars? Then come and listen to a talk given by Gabe Gabrielle, former engineer for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. It will almost feel like being there yourself.

By Sune Holst, , 11/19/2018

Yes, you read it correctly! House of Science and IDA Sønderjylland dept., MCI and SDU invite you to a presentation with no less a person than Gabe Gabrielle who is a former engineer at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Today, Gabe Gabrielle is full-time affiliated to NASA’s Speakers’ Bureau where he tours around the world giving talks about space travel and space research.

Gabe Gabrielle will give in inspiring talk about NASA’s space programme, the exploration of Mars and the international space station ISS. The presentation will include short, fascinating films and plenty of images that words cannot describe.

Oh, and did we mention that is completely free of charge to participate? But, hurry up – there is only a limited number of seats available!

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Type: Speech + Q/A-session
Language: English
Price: Free
Date: 26.11 2018
Time: 16:30-18:00
Room: U101
Address: Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg

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