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Large number of students from A.P. Møller Skolen visited the University of Southern Denmark

The A.P. Møller Skolen in Schleswig paid a visit at SDU in Sønderborg with an unusual large number of students

A little more than 100 students from the A.P. Møller Skolen in Schleswig yesterday learned more about the academic areas at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg. It was the majority of the school’s future first, second and senior year high school students of the disciplines of humanities, social science and natural science, who substituted the usual classes with a day of lectures and workshops at SDU.


High school students invented conveyer belt of the future

At the university, students and teachers had planned special programs for the high school students based on their area of studies. From the university’s engineering program Innovation and Business, students had prepared a workshop about conveyer belts for the high school students within science. The guests were to contrive ideas for the development of conveyer belts and, by identifying possible customers and their needs, subsequently draft a business model for their conveyer belt.

In addition, the program offered an introduction to the study programs at SDU and a tour of Alsion.


Picture: Student concentration during the workshop.
Editing was completed: 19.06.2013