Assessment of Future Waste and Energy System Integration with Focus on Storable Waste and District Heating

Melissa Carina Gabert

Master Thesis – Environmental Engineering - 2016

The aim of this study is to identify the optimum mix of heat sources for a certain district heating area in two scenarios of future time perspectives, by applying waste and energy system integration.
The study is built on the circumstances of nowadays Svendborg´s waste incineration plant and district heating system and considers future expansion plans of the grid. Additionally, European goals frame the scope of 50% recycling by 2020 and 65% by 2035.
Given these timelines, one scenario will be within the lifetime of the existing waste incineration plant, one beyond. Technical options, replacing the heat sources of today, will be selected and modelled with use of energyPRO. This includes for instance RDF import, heat pumps and biowaste to biogas. Calculations will be made in regard to the future energy market and its fluctuating prices of renewable energy sources. This will allow, together with a socio-economic analysis, to assess the effects on different systems and to find the most feasible solution for the case in order to meet the recycling goals.

Collaboration Partners
Svendborg Fjernvarme
Svendborg Vand og Affald
Svendborg Kraftvarme
EMD International



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