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Vision and Aims

Our vision

Population health on a national and global level. We conduct multidisciplinary health promotion and prevention research emphasizing that health promotion is a societal/organizational and not just an individual responsibility.


The Unit for Health Promotion Research does multi-disciplinary research to find ways to improve and protect health, encourage health behaviors, develop health-enhancing environments and policies in communities and society. The research unit has competences, in epidemiological, sociological and psychological methods to study health risks and develop community health profiles. Another stronghold lies in our expertise in social and behavioral research methods to develop and study interventions both on the community and individual level as well as in policy analysis and development.

Our main research expertise relates to the following areas

• Evidence-informed health policies and health systems

• Social inequality in health

• Health promoting lifestyle interventions

• Health promotion and epidemiology

• Evaluation and implementation

• Risk perception and public health

Our aims are

• to create cross-disciplinary research on health promotion efforts, processes and strategies

• to take part in knowledge transfer with municipalities and regions and with different institutions such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, etc. on planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion initiatives

• to contribute to scientific knowledge about inequality in health and to identify associations between social factors and health

Research competences

Last Updated 20.10.2023