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Methodologies & techniques

Health Promotion combines different research areas based on grounded knowledge about quantitative and qualitative methods and allows for use of mixed methods.

Quantitative methods
Beyond standard epidemiological, behavioral and sociological research methods we particularly focus on the use of e.g.

• Health profiles and psychometric scale studies
• New technologies for data collection (smartphone app, big data)
• Register based analyses
• Advanced statistical methods such as multi-level and meta-analyses

Qualitative methods
Beyond standard sociological, ethnographical and social science approaches research methods we particularly focus on the use of e.g.:

• Individual and focus group interviews
• Delphi-surveys
• Observation techniques and field work
• Different types of document analyses

Health Promotion methods

• Health Communication
             -  Patient Education
             -  Social Marketing
             -  Health Campaigns
• Health Risk Assessment
• Health Impact Assessment
• Behaviour Modification Training
• Participatory research
• Community Development
• Project Planning Methods (eg. Precede-Proceed, Intervention Mapping)
• Project Evaluation (Process-, Outcome-, Impact Evaluation)

Last Updated 22.03.2019