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Nordic Health Economics Study Group

NHESG is an academic loose organization oriented toward the health economic branch of economics. The purpose is to serve as a forum for bringing together different individuals who are working in the area, to further the continuous development of health economics as a sub-discipline of economics, and to set standards for excellent research. 

The main function is to provide a Nordic network for health economists and coordinate an annual meeting that rotate between the five Nordic countries. 

The NHESG was formed in 1979 by an initiative by Bengt Jönsson, then director of IHE in Lund, Sweden,  who invited one representative from each of the four other Nordic countries to discuss and decide on having a yearly meeting among researchers who were interested in the economics of health care. The name and format of meetings decided upon was inspired by the UK-based Health Economics Study Group which was formed mostly like a more or less closed private club of researchers with interest in health economics. The process was supported by, in particular, professor Allan Williams, University of York. First meeting was held in 1980 in Frostavallen, Sweden, in 1980, the group has survived as a loose organization.  

For NHESG policies click here.

Last Updated 20.10.2023