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Project: Artificial Intelligence in breast cancer screening – a qualitative analysis

In this qualitative study we explore the human, organizational, ethical, and societal aspects of employing AI as a replacement for human decision-making. The project will generate new knowledge and insights on the interplay between technologies, professionals, decision-makers, and the public, as well as on: health professionals' and citizens' attitudes to and trust in new technologies such as AI used in disease detection and treatment; the influence of AI solutions on the organizational processes in the clinic and it’s effective implementation; the interaction between radiologists’ and AI-solutions’ “readings” of medical imagery material and the decisional outcomes. The study is based on studies of human-machine interaction and “The Anthropology of Technology”, where technological, material and organizational factors are considered important players in societal decision-making processes.

The focus of the project is the following:

1) the value basis for the decisions taken in connection with the implementation of AI screening, and 2) the changes it entails, both at organizational level and in the clinic.

The study is part of the CHANSE project, Re-imagine ADM, which under the leadership of Pr. Minna Ruckenstein, Univ. of Helsinki, brings together research on the ethical, social and cultural transformations associated with the use of AI-supported decision-making tools in society.


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Last Updated 20.03.2023