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Project: Digital Vision

The prospect was to create a more gradual work procedure, reorganize activities and supple continuity of care. All initiatives were aimed at easing the employees’ workload and releasing more time for patients. Likewise, the aspiration was that the selected department was prepared for the Nyt OUH.

In the research part of this project (evaluation), it is examined quantitatively and qualitatively what it means for healthcare professionals to be a part of a department where more than twenty digital technologies are developed and implemented over a relatively short period (three years). This is innovative because in previous literature there is a tradition of evaluating one technology at a time. However, the reality for many healthcare professionals is that they need to relate to multiple new technologies at a time. Therefore, we wish to examine this exploratively.

Science Technology Studies, more specifically Symbolic Interactionism, has shown to be a relevant theoretical framework for understanding. Participant observation has been carried out over time with various groups of professionals in the department’s three sections. Furthermore, questionnaires have been issued to the healthcare professionals to obtain insights into how they evaluate their individual IT competencies in a health professional context (Lars Kayser: eHealth literacy), understand their role and process regarding their innovation effort (NoMad) and their relation to new technologies (TAM3).


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Last Updated 20.03.2023