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Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Engineering programmes

BSc in Engineering (Physics and Technology) 

BSc in Engineering (Electronics)English taught


Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) programmes

BEng in Electrical Energy Technology 

BEng in Electronics Danish taught

BEng in Electronics - English taught


Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering programmes

MSc in Engineering (Physics and Technology)

MSc in Engineering (Electronics) 


Diploma in Engineering

Diploma of Electrical Power Engineering  - Danish taught


Additionally, we contribute to the teaching and educational development in the following programmes:


BEng in Robot Systems

BEng in Mechatronics

BSc in Engineering (Robot Systems)

BSc in Engineering (Welfare Technology)

BSc in Engineering (Energy Technology)

Bsc in Engineering (Mechatronics)

MSc in Engineering (Mechatronics)

Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering University of Southern Denmark

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  • Sønderborg - DK-6400
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