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Work with robots

Are you dreaming of working with the latest robot technology? Then a Robot Systems degree may be something for you.

Robots are increasingly becoming a part of our world. In large-scale industry and small and medium-sized production companies, more and more robots are being used, which is why there is such a great need for engineers that have knowledge of robot technology. As a BEng in Robot Systems, you will maintain and further develop existing robots, develop, and integrate new robots.

What will I learn?

With a BEng degree in Robot Systems, you will gain competencies that enable you to assemble and implement robot and automation solutions, develop robot technology solutions for industrial environments, solve complex tasks involving the interaction with industrial robots, automation equipment and computer vision technologies connected in a network, apply and implement control techniques to be able to control and regulate robots, develop IT-solutions and much more.

In the programme, you will learn about simulation and integration of robot solutions, robots and automation in industrial contexts, the interaction between high-level software applications and embedded platforms, embedded systems for control and regulation of mechanical systems and robots, how robots move and how to describe it mathematically and much more.

The programme provides you with knowledge about digital signal processing, simulation of robot systems, statistics, transformations and kinematics, industrial programming, algorithms and data structures, software architecture and software development methods.

How is the programme structured?

During the programme, you will work a lot in project groups, where you and your fellow students will solve problems for companies through case-based work.

Each semester is based on a main theme, which is the basis for the semester's theory and project work. In the 1st semester, the focus is on programming in automation. In the 2nd semester, the focus is on software and robots, where you will gain an insight into the most important premises in the software development discipline. In the 3rd semester, the main theme is the signals in robot systems, where you will learn about signal processing. In the 4th semester, the focus is on regulation and simulation of automation systems, where you will learn about the implementation of classic and modern control techniques. In the 5th semester, the focus is on innovation and entrepreneurship, where you must work with students from other engineering programmes. In addition, you will have courses on algorithms and statistics, as well as electives. You also have the opportunity to study this semester abroad.

In the 6th semester, you must complete a six-month engineering internship in a Danish or foreign company. In the 7th and final semester, you must prepare a graduation project - often in collaboration with a company.

Can I continue my studies?

A BEng in Robot Systems is an independent, completed degree. So, after the 3½ years, you are a graduate engineer and ready to start your professional career.
If you want to immerse yourself further, you can, with the right electives, continue your studies and take, for example, a MSc in Engineering - Robot Systems.

What can I become?

The programme provides you with several career opportunities - both in Denmark and abroad. You will, for example, be able to work with the development and maintenance of IT applications, consulting, integration and development of robot and automation technology in, for example, a manufacturing and logistics company.

That is why you should study...

  • You will become part of an industry in constant development
  • You will get a company-oriented education with good career opportunities
  • You will gain practical experience, through project work and engineering internships
  • You will learn how to develop innovative solutions to specific problems

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