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As a mechanical engineer, you can make the impossible possible. What will you invent?

Do you dream of constructing a greener future with sustainable products or new digital solutions? Then the Bachelor's programme for Civil Engineering in Mechanical Engineering is something for you.

Make a quantum leap – become a mechanical engineer

Thinking outside the box is part of an engineer’s DNA. As a mechanical engineer, you can push the limits of what is technically possible. The complex requirements for modern products cannot be met without ingenuity, collaboration and a solid theoretical professional education. As a mechanical engineer you can make a true difference.

Reasons to study

That is why you should study...

  • You are helping design the industrial products of the future
  • You will have good career opportunities
  • You will learn to develop innovative solutions to specific problems

What will you learn?

As a student on the Bachelor's programme for Civil Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, you get a solid professional foundation. You learn to promote innovative ideas and turn them into sustainable, safe and smart solutions for our modern high-tech society. Through project work you will gain various skills in the field of product development which, in addition to technical design, also comprises marketing and production.

  • You learn about the basic topics within mechanical engineering such as statics, dynamics and the development of mechanical systems using new materials, prototypes and advanced simulation techniques.
  • You gain extensive knowledge of product development, technical analysis and mechanical design through problem-based projects.
  • You get prepared to work with product development in a company through the education's consistent focus on the combination of sustainability and production.
  • You learn to play the role of project manager in a research and development department.

How is the programme structured?

The bachelor education consists of a combination of theoretical courses and practical project work. On the first four semesters, you are continuously taught basic subjects such as mathematics, statics and strength theory. From the very start you will be part of a project group to work on a mechanical project based on industrial problems.

The education in Sønderborg is taught in English and has a special focus on mechatronic systems, solid mechanics and intelligent mechanical and hydraulic systems.

Every semester is based on a main theme:

  • The first semester: Discover the mechanical development process.
  • The second semester: Design and build mechanical products
  • The third semester: Manufacture and operate mechanical systems
  • The fourth semester: Cooling-heating and power conversion systems
  • The fifth semester: Experts in Team innovation / Innovation / specialisation.
  • The sixth semester: You will write your bachelor project – often in cooperation with a company or on a research project.

Read more about the structure of the programme.

What can you become?

After the first three years you study for two years at master level to get the full MSc in Engineering degree. With a degree in mechanics, you will have a range of job opportunities – in Denmark and abroad. Among other things, you could set up your own company or be employed as a development engineer, project manager or researcher.

Graduates who have completed this bachelor programme are entitled to use the title of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Engineering (Mechanics).

Want to continue your studies?

The bachelor's programme takes three years, after which you take the two-year master's programme to achieve a MSc in Engineering. Here you can specialise in the subject areas you are interested in.

Read more about the Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering.

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