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Career in Denmark

Are you an international full-degree student at SDU?

Do you want to stay in Denmark after your studies end?

Are you looking to increase your employability, meet other internationals with the same goals and foster connections with Danish companies?

Do you want to know more about job-hunting in Denmark and the do's and don’ts within the Danish labor market?

SDU Career in Denmark

As an international full degree master student at SDU in Odense, Kolding and Esbjerg you are eligible to be part of the career programme Young Professionals in Denmark. This programme specifically aims at jobs involved in the green transition.  

 It is a free-to-join one-year career development and networking programme for full-degree international Master's, MBA, and Ph.D students enrolled at a Danish University. The programme allows you to gain skills, network contacts, and unique career counseling to help you land your first job in Denmark after graduation. 

Throughout this programme you will participate in online matchmaking events, company visits, and career development workshops while at the same time expanding your network, both with company representatives and fellow international students! The YPD programme runs between October and June each year.  

Sign up here latest 18th of September 2023

As an international full degree student in Sønderborg you are eligible to be part of the programme: Prepare yourself for a career in Denmark. 

Have you considered to pursue a career in Denmark after your studies?  

But lack the network? Or wonder how the Danish working culture is?  

Prepare yourself for a career in Denmark through a range of courses and activities, where you get cultural insights, tips for your CV and possibility to network with Danish companies 

As a full-degree, international students in Sønderborg you are invited to this programme consisting of a range of courses and activities that will help you to pursue a career in Denmark.  

The programme is free of charge and voluntary. It consist of the following elements, you can pick and choose from: 

10th of October   How to approach the Danish Labor Market   Webinar  
7th of November Match making and CV check at Student Collaboration Day   Fair  
21st of November Linkedin and boost your chance of landing a job Webinar 
12th of December How to write a great application Webinar  
31st of January Innovation day at Danish company Company visit and case work
Spring 2024   Job Preparedness   Online course  

Sign up here latest 15th of September 2023

 “In Denmark the employees focus more on your personality and soft skills and who you are as a person during recruitment. And sometimes that is much more important for them than your technical background or grades !”

- Milad Jami, Novo Nordisk.

SDU offers a wide array of courses about Danish culture and work market.

You will find a list of all the free-of charge courses and events you can participate in here:
If you are searching for a student job, an internship or thesis collaboration then sign up in the SDU jobbank (powered by Jobteaser):


SDU collaborates with the public employment service for highly skilled forreingers work in denmark the national retaining organisation Copenhagen Capacity and the regional retaining organization Work-live-stay to ensure career possibilities for international students in Denmark.

Are you curious about more information about being a student in Denmark and your career options then check out these webpages: and

Danish – the language of approx. 6 mio people and not easy accessible, and yet very important to know if you want to pursue a career in Denmark.
Although you many places can do a perfectly fine job without knowing Danish, it is still the key to be part of the society, get into the inner, informal circles and to extend your network for professional as well as personal development. If you are struggling where to start with Danish language courses, the SDU library have compiled a list of free courses to attend:

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Do you have questions? Please contact coordinator Helene Fast Seefeldt on email or phone +45 6550 2029.

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