Legal claim for admission

As a Bachelor's student at SDU, you are guaranteed admission to the specific Master's programme at SDU that builds on top of your Bachelor's programme. You have a claim for admission as long as you apply for admission within three years after obtaining your Bachelor's degree.

The entry requirements of each Master's programme specifies which Bachelor's programme gives you a legal claim for admission.

How the three years are counted

The three year period starts by the first coming summer intake af you have obtained your Bachelor's degree. If, for instance, you complete your Bachelor's in December 2020, your claim for admission is valid until the summer intake in 2024. The same applies if you finish your Bachelor's in June 2021.

You can only use your claim once

You have used your legal claim for admission once you are offered a study place in the relevant Master's programme and accept study place. If you regret accepting the study place, or if at some point you discontinue your enrolment in the Master's, you will have no claim for admission later on.

Your claim is lost if you finish another Danish Master's

Even though your claim is valid for three years, you cannot


When you have a legal claim for admission...

  • you simply have to submit your application. No special documentation is needed
  • you can still apply for other programmes, but you are not guaranteed admission to these
  • you should consider putting the relevant Master's as third priority or higher to make sure you can continue in a Master's


Vacant study places for study start in February

Some of our Master's programmes have vacant study places for study start in February.

Check the list and apply now

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