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Teaching of medical students

The Department is teaching medical students at different courses, lead by other departments, i.e. the course about "heart dieseases". The Department administrates its own two-week course ”the doctor, the law and the csociety”. In the forensic lessons the students learn not only about the forensic methods and way of thinking, but also about legislation and ethics of relevance to doctors. 
Read more about teaching to Medical students here

Teaching of law students

The Department of Forensic Medicine is collaborating with Department of Law at SDU with mutual teaching - see the paragraph about teaching to law students here – and we make use of each others expertise in relevant situations. For instance is the chapter about legislation of health  in Textbook of Forensic Mecine, 3rd., ed. a collaboration between two coworkers at Department of Law and Department of Forensic Medicine.

Teaching of biological anthropology

The Department of Anthropology (ADBOU) is teaching students biolgical anthropology as a supplement under Nature Science. See more here.

Last Updated 19.10.2023