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SDU are closing down

Information sent by e-mail March 12th at 00.01 am.

To all employees and students at SDU

The Prime Minister announced on a press conference on March 11 at 20.30 that the strategy for Coronavirus is now to delay the spread in Denmark as much as possible.

Therefore, on the recommendation of the health authorities, the Ministry of Education and Research has announced that all physical activity at the universities should cease as soon as possible.

In addition, all employees and students are encouraged to exhibit social minds in this extraordinary situation and follow the health authorities and other authorities' ongoing recommendations for social conduct. That is, limited social contact.

For you as a student

All students at the universities will be sent home now and provisionally until Friday, March 27, 2020.

For you as a student, this means that all physical education activities (teaching and exams) at SDU's locations will cease from tonight, March 11, 2020, and provisionally through March 27, 2020.

If you need to pick up items on campus, etc., it can be done through Thursday, March 12, 2020 until 4 pm.

We will do everything we can to maintain educational activity in other ways during the period when SDU's locations are physically closed. You will get information about this as soon as possible via

In your further course of study and in the organization of exams etc. be taken into account disruptions to your course of study.

The Ministry of Education and Research has announced that SU payments to students will remain unchanged, with students expected to continue to maintain student activity from home to the extent possible.

Further information:

For you as an employee

All university employees will be sent home as soon as possible and provisionally until Friday, March 27, 2020. Only staff performing critical functions will be allowed to be physically present on campus.

For you as an employee, this means that on Thursday, March 12, you will have physical access until 4 pm to the campus to pick up items needed for homework, shut down experiments, secure research results, etc.

Employees with critical functions will be contacted directly by their immediate leader to agree on the physical presence during the period when the campus is physically closed.

All employees will receive pay during return. All events and business trips are suspended during the period.

Further information:

Business travel and stays abroad

SDU has decided that all business travel will be suspended for the next 14 days.

Employees who are currently abroad on business travel are requested to return to Denmark as soon as possible. 

Should there be individual employees on a long-term stay abroad (e.g. six months in Sweden), you must contact your nearest manager for assessment whether to stay or return to Denmark now. 

Editing was completed: 12.03.2020