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PhD Oral Defence Session Minna Riishede - 01.09.2020 - PhD Oral Defence Session

"Focused Ultrasound in Critically Ill Patients in Danish Emergency Departments"

Date and time:

01-09-2020 at 15:00


The Auditorium
J. B. Winsløws Vej 25
5000 Odense C

Committee of Examiners:

PhD. MD, Associate Professor Nils Petter Oveland
Stavanger University Hospital, Dept. of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Stavanger University, Norway

Professor. MD Erika Frischknecht Christensen
Department of Anesthesiology and intensive care Medicine. University of Aalborg, Denmark

Associate Professor Sanne Rasmussen (chair)
Research Unit of General Practice, University of Southern Denmark

Main supervisor:

Professor Gunnar Baatrup
Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark

Editing was completed: 26.08.2020