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PhD Oral Defence Session Marie Westergaard-Nielsen - 12.03.2021 - PhD Oral Defence Session

"Salivary gland carcinoma in Denmark 1990-2015: A national study with focus on diagnostic imaging, surgical treatment of the neck and prognosis"

Date and time:

12.03.2021 at 15:00:00



Committee of Examiners:

MD, PhD, Postdocoral fellow Johanna Sjövall,
Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Cancer Research Group,
Lund University Hospital, Lund, Sweden

MD, PhD Anita Birgitte Gothelf,
Department of Oncology, Copenhagen University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark

MD, PhD, Associate Professor Peter Schousboe, (chairman)
Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Sygehus Lillebælt, Vejle, Denmark


Main supervisor:

Ass. Professor Kristine Bjørndal,
Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark

Editing was completed: 26.02.2021