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PhD Oral Defence Session

Cand.scient. Dalia Ayesh Hafez Ali - 15.06.2021 - PhD Oral Defence Session

"Studies on human skeletal stem cells: relevance for pathophysiology and therapy of bone fragility"

Date and time:

15.06.2021 at 14:00:00


 Committee of Examiners:

Professor Richard OC Oreffo
Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration,
Institute of Developmental Sciences, University of Southampton

Professor Annemarie Brüel
Department of biomedicine, Health, University of Aarhus

Associate professor Morten Meyer (chairman)
Neurobiology research, University of Southern Denmark

Main supervisor:

Professor Moustapha Kassem
Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark

Editing was completed: 27.05.2021