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PhD Oral Defence Session

Cand. med. Amir Emamifar - 14.01.2022 - PhD Oral Defence Session

"Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant cell arteritis-three challenges- consequences of the vasculitis process, osteoporosis and malignancy"

Date and time:

14-01-2022 at 14:00


The Auditorium, WP15
J. B. Winsløwsvej 15
5000 Odense C

Committee of Examiners:

Prof. MD. PhD. Björn Guðbjörnsson
Rheumatology, National University Hospital of Iceland

senior consultant, MD., PhD Trond Velde Bogsrud
Nuclear medicine, University Hospital of North Norway (UNN)

Associate Prof., PhD, MD Kirubakaran Balasubramaniam (chair)
Public Health, General Practice, SDU

Main supervisor:

Ass. Professor Peter Thye-Rønn
Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark

Editing was completed: 16.12.2021