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PhD Cup 2021

If you are passionate about communicating the research of your PhD project and have a hidden winner gene in you, then the PhD Cup may be something for you.

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 9/2/2021

This year's PhD Cup at the Department of Clinical Research will take place in connection with the Department's annual Staff Seminar to be held on

5 November 2021 at 13:00-17:00 hours in room WP25.

In addition to the PhD Cup competition, the programme of the day includes announcement of the winners of the Publication Award as well as the PhD Supervisor of the Year Award.

In the PhD Cup competition, you will compete against other PhD students from Department of Clinical Research for best communication performance of your PhD research project. All PhD students, who are enrolled in the PhD programme or have had their PhD dissertation approved in 2021, can participate.

Registration: Please send the following documents to no later than 1 October 2021 at 12:00:

  1. One page describing the research activities and possibly the results of your PhD project. The evaluation of each abstract is concentrated on whether the research is disseminated well and in a health science perspective.
  2.  Your image (e.g. passport photo, JPG, minimum 72 dpi)

The jury selects seven of the abstracts received for the PhD Cup. All seven PhD students will be offered a day of communication training (to be held on 25 October 2021) by Bent Nørgaard in order to get ready for their research presentations.

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