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Optimmunize 2022

Optimmunize 2022 Conference

The world’s leading conference on non-specific effects of vaccines, “Optimmunize 2022”, is coming to Odense from 9-11 November

Professor Christine Stabell Benn, Department of Clinical Research and Danish Institute for Advanced Study, will be hosting “Optimmunize 2022”, a physical conference that takes place from November 9-11, 2022.

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Optimmunize 2022 has a stellar group of speakers from all over the world. One of the two keynote speaker is Stanley Plotkin, the “grandfather of vaccines”, who invented several vaccines and who is the editor of the leading textbook on vaccines that is simply called “Plotkin’s Vaccines”. The other is Bali Pulendran, who is doing groundbreaking work on the immunological non-specific effects at Stanford. But basically all the speakers are fantastic and world-leading within their field.

The two first days will focus on all the new research conducted since the Optimmunize 2020 conference in Cambridge. Most of the third day is devoted to a panel discussion to address the questions: ”Can we start using vaccines for their non-specific effects? If not, which studies are needed and who should conduct them?”, with participation from among others WHO, FDA and UNICEF. 

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It would be wonderful if some of you could attend.

Please register before October 10, 2022, via this link:

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