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New research leader

New research leader at the Department of Pathology

On August 1st 2021, Associate Professor Kent Søe will take over as the new head of research at the Pathology Research Unit, Department of Clinical Research and Department of Pathology, Odense University Hospital.

Kent Søe has been with the Department of Pathology since 01.01.2019 and succeeds head of department and Professor Niels Marcussen. Kent is very honored by the trust that has been shown to him in his appointment as Head of Research.

Who is Kent Søe?

Kent Søe studied biology at Aarhus University, from which he obtained his master's degree in 1998. He then moved to Germany to complete his PhD studies at the Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Jena in the field of research on DNA repair and apoptosis, focusing on topoisomerase I and p53. He received his PhD from Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany in 2002 and continued until 2006 at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology.

In 2006, Kent joined the research group, Clinical Cell Biology at Vejle Hospital as a senior scientist. In 2012, he was appointed assistant professor and in 2014 associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark.
Kent Søe has been a member of the Research Board at the Pathology Research Unit since January 2019. He has also been the work environment manager for the laboratory groups of the Department of Clinical Research since February 1st 2020, giving Kent experience with taking care of the work environment and safety in research.

Kent Søe's research

Kent Søe's research is carried out within the research group, Clinical Cell Biology, which is part of the Pathology Research Unit. Kent's research revolves around the understanding of human bone homeostasis and disease. His specialty is to study cultured bone cells from humans in the laboratory, but always with a clinical focus.
Kent Søe always strives to transfer discoveries from basic research to clinical practice. Therefore, he is currently also responsible for several clinical trials involving e.g. patients with breast and prostate cancer, HIV-positive patients, osteoporosis patients, osteoarthritis patients and patients suffering from back pain.

The future of the Department of Pathology

“Even though I have been associated with the Department of Pathology since 2019, my first and most important task when I become Head of Reseatch is to get an overall impression of the research activities in the department, so that the researchers are supported in the best possible way.
Another task is to implement the Department of Clinical Research's and Odense University Hospital's new research strategy for the benefit of the patients. In addition, it is also important to contribute to making the department's research results visible nationally and internationally, as well as to continue and expand the good collaboration with the other research units at Odense University Hospital and the Department of Clinical Research.” says Kent Søe.
Kent Søe - The new research leader at the Department of Pathology
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