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Adjunct professor

Kassim Javaid is appointed adjunct professor at the Department of Clinical Research

The British rheumatologist and epidemiologist, Dr. Kassim Javaid, has been appointed as an adjunct professor at the Research Unit OPEN, University of Southern Denmark. As a specialist in fracture epidemiology, life course epidemiology, and rare bone diseases, Dr. Javaid is professor at University of Oxford

By Nana Olejank Hansen, , 4/9/2024

Dr. Kassim Javaid is a renowned British rheumatologist and epidemiologist. He holds a position as a clinical professor at the University of Oxford, specialising in metabolic bone disease since 2012. Dr. Javaid earned his medical degree from the University of London in 1996 and was awarded a PhD in neonatal bone mass and life course epidemiology from the University of Southampton in 2006. Over the course of his career, he has supervised eight PhD students and has written more than 200 publications.

Within the Research Unit OPEN, Dr. Javaid will assume a critical role in furthering research in skeletal epidemiology and in mentoring emerging researchers and students pursuing international research careers. His broad international connections and comprehensive expertise in both rare and prevalent bone diseases augur a fruitful collaboration with the OPEN research unit.

-Dr. Javaid's expertise will serve as an invaluable asset to SDU and OPEN. We are eager to explore the avenues this partnership will unveil for further internationalising our Skeletal Epidemiology Group. Notably, we aspire to enhance our exchange of early-career researchers with the University of Oxford, states Katrine Hass Rubin, professor, and head of research at the Research Unit OPEN, Clinical Institute at SDU.

We aim for him to guide our PhD students on the path to becoming professors at Oxford, notes Bo Abrahamsen, professor at the Research Unit OPEN.

Dr. Javaid will enhance OPEN's research with proposals for new registry studies and by serving on the advisory panel for the ROSE osteoporosis screening study. He plans to visit SDU biannually to oversee mentoring programs and seminars, in addition to offering online feedback and insights to PhD students and fellow researchers.

-I am deeply honoured to be accepted as an adjunct professor at SDU and my ambition is to develop a research portfolio that uses routinely collected data to make visible the often invisible impact of osteoporotic fractures on patients, their families, healthcare systems and wider society through a collaborative multidisciplinary approach including active patient engagement, says Dr. Javaid about his new position at SDU.

Mød forskeren

Dr. Kassim Javaid is a professor of metabolic bone diseases affiliated with NDORMS – Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Rheumatology, and Musculoskeletal Sciences, University of Oxford, UK. He is appointed as a visiting professor at OPEN from 1 March 2024.


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